Echoes of voices that are gone

With the news today of the death of singer and actor Glen Campbell, I started thinking– when a singer leaves us, at least we have his/her music to listen to. We can cue up songs or search You Tube and play videos. They leave a legacy that can keep their memory alive long after they’re gone. Like this video of my personal anthem: “Rhinestone Cowboy”:


It’s sad and cool at the same time.

Writers are the same. When they pass, they leave their words for us to read and ponder and enjoy and be moved by. Artists leave their work. Ditto for filmmakers.

But it also reminds me (us, really) that we should live our lives so that we leave something behind when we depart. Words. Memories. Photos. Music. Love. Children. Something that lives beyond us.

What will you leave? What will I leave?

I hope it’s as good as this:

Gentle journey, Glen. Make beautiful music up there.